Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bolu Gulung Meranti : a tasty roll-tart in Medan , North Sumatera

Bolu Gulung means Roll-Tart in English and Meranti is the name of bakery that is very famous with its Bolu in Medan. It is located at Jl. Kruing No.2-K Medan (ph) +62 61 4538217

During my work visit in Medan last week, I've managed to dropped by to buy Bolu Meranti and bring it back to Jakarta.

The roll-tart is extraordinary delicious. It is very soft, taste not too sweet and much much more delicious from other roll tart.

I bouht four roll tart and they pack it in one handy cartoon box.

Meranti offer some bolu gulung variant.

There are (1) Bolu Gulung 3in1 : 3 mini roll tart with 3 different flavour in 1 box , only IDR 65K

(2) Bolu Gulung Standard : 1 standard size of roll tart with choices of flavour such as Cheese, Mocca, Strawberry, Pineapple for only IDR 35K and Blueberry for only IDR 40K.

(3) Bolu Gulung Special : 1 standard size of roll tart with choices of special flavour such as , Chocolate-almond, double chocolate for only IDR 50K , abon (dried seasoning shreded beef) for only IDR 55K and Coffee for only IDR 40K.

We can also asked to put topping on top of the roll tart, such as : cheese, mestjes and nuts with additional charge. We have to wait for other 15 minutes if we requested to add topping on the roll tart. Because they put the topping based on demand.

The roll tart can stay 3 days outside the fridge + 3 days inside the fridge (total 6 days). It is not recommended to put the roll tart straight to the fridge on the first 3 days, due to change in flavour.

There are other bread varieties in Meranti as shown on the picture bellow. It looks tasty also. Still Roll Tart is the icon of this bakery.


Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Mulia Hotel Jakarta : garage sale

The Garage Sale term had not been popular by most Indonesian (at least for me) till the 1997-1998 Economic Crisis. So many garage sale been advertised on those year. From my humble observation, Garage Sale in Indonesia originaly been used to get fast cash on hard economic time.

During the 1997-1998 economic crisis, so many employee got retrenched by their employer. The term of garage sale then evolve bluntly as "selling in garage" :)

Yes, so many people was starting their small business by selling things in their garage at that time. I even come up with hypotesis that The Garage Sale has been triggered the change of many properties from housing become commercial.

Anyway, helding a GARAGE SALE can not be interprete as Hotel Mulia going to change its business to become a furniture retail or second hand outlet. I think this is part of the strategy for getting the last economical value of their asset. Even for the asset with BIG ZERO value :)

As a wellknown five start hotel in Jakarta, Mulia Hotel have to keep up their quality of services. That is also include providing the best room and its peripherals. I do not believe a smile and a deep-from-heart service solely can make a hotel deserve a 5 thumbs up of customer satisfaction.

After replacing their furniture with the new one, they stored those furniture with Zero Value asset to their warehouse. And i should thank to the hotel management who came up with the bright idea to advertise their GARAGE SALE for public. It was published on Kompas Saturday. Thank GOD i read that ad.

So, there we were ... me and pipung (my hubby) on 0900hr sharp on Saturday last week ... hunting for some very "pocket friendly" furniture :)

I was a bit complaining about the "un-prepared" hotel staff for handling the selling. But being able to find some good stuffes with price of 1/10 from the brand new one .... I think i should keep my mouth Shut ... hahahahaha.