Monday, October 27, 2008

Friends from the PAST that i hope can be friends for NOW and the FUTURE ...

Its end of october 2008 already. I recalled my 2008 Resolution and i remember that i should "push" myself to keep contact to all my friends. May be it was easy for other people but for me is not that easy. Having an introvert personality makes me always loosing words when talking to friends from the past.

Using FB to find old friends is the most convinient way for me. U dont have to go out, u dont have to say anything if you didnt feel comfortable and you can just search and hopes your old friends were also an internet freek :P

Lucky me, most of them are ... hahahaha.

The most Incredible result from FB is i found my old-time flatemate when i was in brisbane on 1998 thru Facebook !!!!!

Anyway, last weekend I had a what so called reunion with friends from Architecture class of 90. Thanks to Ochim and Ekky for their never ending energy and effort to keep the string attached between us.

Bad thing from this , i certainly feel old. I think only old people do reunion.
I hope my friends from the past can be my friends for now and the future ... then I FEEL YOUNG NOW !


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Laskar Pelangi : The Movie and The Books

Laskar Pelangi : book-1 ....

I bought it as my companion during "never ending" flight to Frankfurt last June.
Despite of getting familiar finding stack of this book in Gramedia, one of my colleague recommended me to read this amazing book. Even .... the lady sitting next to me on the flight encouraged me to read all the 3 books from Andrea Hirata, when i started to read it. She (from goethe institute) said , the book was good and funny . Ahhh ... it should be a very nice book then :)

I am not sure whether it was me , the flight, the project situation that i left behind or the book itself ... i could only read the first 15 pages then felt a sleep. There was no trigger in me to open the book also when transitting for 4 hours in Frankfurt before flying to Dublin .... and amazingly ... i kept it in my lugage . First Impression .... I dont like the book.

I am a devoted fan of Ayu Utami. I always expect people writting as good as she does ...
Then I realised ( i've tried to read Laskar Pelangi again for lowering down my stress) that the beauty of this book are on the sentences itself. If you are a thriller, mystery, suspen story or even a romantic novel fan , you will struggling reading this book. At least when you start it.

Laskar Pelangi , Sang Pemimpi, Edensor ...

Now i have finished reading the three books of tetralogi Laskar Pelangi from Andrea Hirata.
Edensor is my favourite , simply because the story flow more interesting. Laskar Pelangi book 1 is my second choice then Sang Pemimpi is last preffered. The story between those books somehow in somepart inconsistent.

The Movie ...

I like the book more than the movie (classical for ppl who read then watch)
People who didnt read the book wont understand how Mahar and Flo connected to each other with their Mystical Club, dont understand how mysterious Tuk Bayan Tula was , dont know the sad story of the Crocodille Whisperer , The Head Master is not passed away, How Fillicium tree has been the center of Laskar Pelangi activities. There is no Trapani that is ended on the mental hospital with his mom.

Many thing you will miss from the original story ... but it is still indeed a good movie