Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Soto Ceker Gandaria : Our Rendez-Vouz Corner

My Gratitude to Handoyo who helps editing my "so-so" english to become more consumable :)

Soto Ceker @ Gandaria st, South Jakarta

It is a simple hawkers located at the gandaria park area , Southern Jakarta. Soto Ceker is only open at evening time. but do not come too late, or you wont get any soto at all.

I went to this place first time arround 10 years ago.
The soto was my favourite food, as well as my fellow friends' and the place used to be the rendez-vouz corner for me and my husband.

Nowadays, Soto Ceker Gandaria has become very famous. Especially, after Bondan Winarno dropped by and reported the tasty soto on his On-Air Food Show.

Soto Ceker is a clear yellow soup that originated from Solo Central Java. They put slices of cabbage, sprout and vermicelly. The soto is served with tender Ceker (chicken feet).

There are two ways to serve Soto Ceker . You can ask them to either separate the rice and the yellow clear soup (soto), or have the rice and the soto being served in one bowl (i prefer this one). The tender chicken feet (ceker) will be served in the same bowl with the yellow clear soup. If you choose to have the rice served with the soto in one bowl, then please be prepared to receive a full bowl of everything

They also provide some side dishes that go very well with the Soto Ceker: a variety of satays. You can select among the chicken liver, clam, or quail egg - all skewered

When i worked for NSN , my husband and I used to drop by at the Soto Ceker more than twice a week. It has become our Rendez-Vouz corner. It is just happened that the ambience of Soto Ceker hawker is romantic. They arrange some open air seating with a candle on each table. With no other lighting on the table, it surely feels like having a "candlelight dinner".

My husband loves the Soto, but he doesn't like the Ceker. I think, he can not eat ceker because everytime he sees ceker he feels like the chicken is asking him to do a HIGH FIVE hahahaha ....

I dropped by to Soto Ceker on a Friday two weeks ago, together with my husband. I have just finished troubleshooting at a client site. It was late and my stomach could not wait any longer to have dinner.

It is surely still a romantic but simple Rendez-Vouz corner.
Soto Ceker reminds us of the years when our life was not as good as today.
And we are very thankfull of what we've got now ....


Ratna said...

Sayang sekali ya ... terlalu jauh dari rumah gue tuh :(