Monday, October 27, 2008

Friends from the PAST that i hope can be friends for NOW and the FUTURE ...

Its end of october 2008 already. I recalled my 2008 Resolution and i remember that i should "push" myself to keep contact to all my friends. May be it was easy for other people but for me is not that easy. Having an introvert personality makes me always loosing words when talking to friends from the past.

Using FB to find old friends is the most convinient way for me. U dont have to go out, u dont have to say anything if you didnt feel comfortable and you can just search and hopes your old friends were also an internet freek :P

Lucky me, most of them are ... hahahaha.

The most Incredible result from FB is i found my old-time flatemate when i was in brisbane on 1998 thru Facebook !!!!!

Anyway, last weekend I had a what so called reunion with friends from Architecture class of 90. Thanks to Ochim and Ekky for their never ending energy and effort to keep the string attached between us.

Bad thing from this , i certainly feel old. I think only old people do reunion.
I hope my friends from the past can be my friends for now and the future ... then I FEEL YOUNG NOW !