Saturday, June 27, 2009

Malaysia : rectifying my nigthmare of curry

My first visit to Malaysia was on 2007with other colleague at EID.
I should admit that it was unpleasant experience. Got very bad cough and was in fasting period. I was very much hate the food and hate the office location (cyberjaya, in the middle of nowhere).

When my boss put me on the list for what so called "seniority booster" training in Malaysia (i tend to refer to Malaysia rather than KL, knowing that we hardly can reach KLCC without effort and extra cost), i was automatically remembering the food experience (sahur and breaking fasting with curry on my soar throat, suffer !) .... grrrrrr ... the bad experience !

The rooms been reserved in Sheraton Subang. This is even worst , the clostest attraction (if you called it as attraction tho) is only the hospital located more or less 30m across the hotel. Sunway Lagoon or Pyramid (other accomodation
options in the area) have malls and waterpark attached to each other. This one ??? .... definitely living in mars (to be sacarstic) :P

There are 10 of us from EID. Three from MMSI (including me) and others are senior PMs from NRO. We (the three from MMSI) pretty much went everywhere together apart from others. Indra was the one with adequate knowledge of Malaysia.
Me ?? ben there once

Erlangga ?? first visit , i believe.

Travelling together means you have to travel as a team, including to choose where to eat.
Unfortunately the boys love CURRY ..... hrrrrrrrrr ....

First Day ,
The GM of hotel welcoming us and handed us her Name Card on our arrival to the hotel. Sheraton Subang seems on promotion, many people checking in and they gave us voucher for one time lunch/dinner. After checking in , went to
the room and put our luggage, off we went to the "ruko" across the street to have something to eat as dinner. We didnt want to use the voucher that day, since we didnt understand the phase of the training, we were expecting an unpredicted late finish on the training.

Well as a team we pretty much bunch of Risk awared person hahahaha ....
We went to TAJ CURRY. The boys asked me whether it was okey to eat curry (they knew i dont like curry), i said it was okey.
I had rice (i forgot the name) , looked green because it was mixed with chopped leave and some bean. Come with that rice , i choosed to have Mutton Curry. It was not as good as GULAI KAMBING in Indonesia but I eat it with appetite. Means i overcome my hate to Indian Curry :P

Second Day,
As what been predicted we finished the training on 1900hr. So lateeeeee ....
Lucky us, we still kept the dinner voucher. We had buffet dinner in the hotel ... so niceeeee ....

Third Day,

We finished the training on 1700hr. We planned to go to IKEA after reaching hotel. These three Risk awared ppl didnt consider the possibility of the BUS of getting broke down. yeaaaahhhhh .... totally ruin our plan !

Ollof the trainer called the hotel asking about the "never arrived" bus , and the hotel said "we will check and called you back". Looking that he never had a phone call from the hotel, i smell something fishy. I then remember that the GM handed us her Name Card. So I called the GM asking her "we are expecting a buss to come on 1715 but its never arrive at Ericsson Office ?" ... i was in a position of making a Big Complain to the lady GM. She answered me by saying that she was awared of the problem , she said her deep sorry and explain that the bus broke down on the way to Ericsson Office , she sent us 2 van to pick up. One van has already 30 minutes on the way and the other would follow. She also said
when we arrived , she would take care of us. Now with such answer I can only say "okey we are keep waiting" .... no high tone of my voice. I should say she handle it well ! .... Well She is the GM , it should be on her qualification :)
Anyway, the van arrived , we got back to the hotel .... been welcome by the GM herself , She said her sorry , give us the cold towel, drink , gift ... and free dinner in the house ... AHAAAAAAA ... okey you were ruined our plan but you were forgiven :)

We finally complete the training by 1600 and got back to the hotel on 1700hr. The three from MMSI then off to IKEA Damansara by paying RM30 on the cab. The cab in Malaysia for me are less comfortable compare to cab in Jakarta (refer to bluebird). They never run their meters and the car relatively old. I dont think i would go on cab by myself in Malaysia. Just not feel save , purely my personal feeling pls dont refer this :P

After did some window shopping and bought severals things at IKEA, we had dinner at the IKEA restaurant. It was definitely Swedish Taste. I was refer my food choice to what been choosed by Erlangga. Well he was the one who ever lived in Swedia , a good references.
I had Meatballs with french fries (kids portion) , Daim Cake, Caramel Puding and apple juice for the dinner. Its yummy , especially the DAIM cake ... sllrppp.

It was the day of us to Fly Back to Jakarta.
We had breakfast in the hotel ... i choose Indian Food to close my trip to Malaysia.
I am not a Fan but I put Indian food as Optional Food.