Saturday, February 03, 2007


Last night i decided to walk from Wisma Mulia to Komdak Busway stop, since the traffic was not moving at all. My husband picked me up on that point. He insisted to pick me up to Wisma Mulia and i said no (in big eN and Ow).

I suggested him to wait for me at Plasa Senayan and watch a movie (if he wanted to). I was with my team last night doing some end2end testing, and cannot leave the client site in immediate.

The road, bothways, were blocked. Wisma Mulia was kinda surrounded by flod access. I left my laptop in the building and started to walk arround 2030hr. I met my two office colleagues and said to them that I was okey to walk by myself to senayan area.

and it was definitely a trully good decision ....
we arrived home @ 2130hr.