Friday, July 06, 2007

This is to continue the backdated story posted before. Now , we were in Jogjakarta.
and this is the higlight ...

We were staying at Wisma MM UGM jl.Colombo Jogjakarta. Its a convinient and affordable hotel. We only paid IDR200K per night for a clean room with breakfast for 2 in the morning. The whole (almost) family were staying there. Ibu, Romo, Mbak Ida & Mas Benny family, Mbak Ut family and of course Imam. Unfortunately, Ajeng could not come along. She had the exam in her school.

The first day in Jogja (which was Monday) was started with playing parachute that we bought for Ake a day before at Borobudur. The Parachute Technical Team member consisted of Pipung (chief technical), Vivien & Sesha (aerodinamic engineers) and AKE (project sponsor, because all she could do were only screaming & laughing when its worked and got sad when its failed).

After that we went to Hyatt Hotel for swimming. Ake did not bring her swimsuit, then she had to wear his shirt and pants. She was very happy at the pool, but still her confident with water didnt increas at all .... hehehehe. We really had fun. Off we went to Galeria for lunch and play at Time Zone.

After Maghrib, we went to Malioboro. While others searching Batik, Pipung , Me , Ake and Sesha riding Andong. Its quiet expensive (IDR35K), but is worth because the track was relatively long and also, we are sort of local tourist rite ? if I have to pay that ammount everyday in Jogja, then I'll start to complain :P ... We ended the day by eating at Sederhana Restaurant. Its almost 2100hr, we can not afford to find authentic jogja food while kids were so hungry.

The 28th May 2007. Its the wedding ceremony days. The ceremony was schedulled on 0800hr. The Mosque is very close to the hotel. It was very handy. After the ceremony, we had lunch in the mosque. I dont have any pictures for this event.

At 1600hr we offed to the airport and flew back to Jakarta.