Thursday, July 05, 2007

Trip to Solo and Jogja : May 2007

Back Dated !

Its a common term when i was dealing with government. They always request whenever possible to back dated the contract. Three years closely working with them seems inspired me :)


May 24 - 28, 2007.

I took my 2 days leave from NSN on 27 - 28 May 2007. My brother in law was about to get married on the 28th. It would be on Tuesday !! Hard for me as a working person to secure that day tho. But it is a must due to javanese "best date, best month" calculation. It has been applied since (may be) before BC time. For respecting the culture and become part of the culture itself, we (I preffer) to follow the practice. An ancient practice ...

The wedding itself was being held at Masjid Universitas Gajah Mada Jogjakarta. We took this opportunity to also visit Solo. Solo : a town that is only (more or less) 2 hours driving from jogja , a town where i was borned and a town that used to be listed as my holiday address at all my friends buku kenangan when i was at elementary. This buku kenangan was very famous at that time tho. Well i was in 80's, you can not expect to find friendster, multiply and blogger. We saw computer as a STARTREK technology.

Saturday 24 June, we flew to Solo. We stayed at Cemani House. Its my father house at Solo. Located at Cemani Sukoharjo and very close to Ngruki. My father built this house on 2001, just before i was getting married. His big dream was to live in Solo. Unfortunately his health require him to stay in Jakarta. The Cemani House is being taken care by Goge family.

In Solo, Tante Uun family took us to Selera Pedas. Its a clean, open air, indonesian restaurant in Manahan area (close to Agas Hotel and Railway). SS is very famous with its creativity to provide SUPER HOT chilli souce with its variation. You can find sambal pusing, sambal gobal gabul, sambal praying, sambal ngedrop and so many funny title of the chilli souce. note : Sambal = chilli souce.

We only stayed for a night. The next day we went to Jogjakarta. After "nyekar" to my grandmother grave, we offed to Semarang to visit my uncle. After a very nice lunch provided by Tante Mbot, we then offed to Ambarawa (train museum). We also made a drop to Borobudur (just to take a ride on kereta kelinci, because we failed to get a seat on the antique steam train at Train museum). at Bodobudur, Ake bought a toy. Its a parachute, a simple toy wih cheap price that could bring Ake face as the happiest face among hundreds of Borobudur's visitors hahahaha ....

Tante Uun and Tya were going with us for this small trip. We finished the day by staying at Wisma MM UGM Jogjakarta. Tante Uun and Tya went back to Solo.