Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a 22 hours trip to Ireland

I finally checked in on Lufthansa counter at 1700hr and found out that 4 (me, Kesi, Pramana and Hery) of us can not sit close to each other on the flight. That's fine. Its best for me to keep my "funny sleeping face" unaccesable :P

I sit on the middle (bad luck) of the right hand row. The flight number was LH779 using Boeing 747. I wish i could sit on the first class. It was located on the upper deck of the plane. Business class was okey, but economy class where i was sit , definitely a so so seat. The think that i found it was better than my 18 hours flight to America , the seat had a head holder (i dont know the precise name) that kept my head from steady during my sleep :)

We were transiting on Singapore and Frankfurt. Both city definitely apply strict security control in their airport. In Singapore we've been asked why we got the Ireland Visa at Singapore. Helooooo ..... there is no Ireland Embassy in Indonesia. We also had to place our laptop out from our cabin lugage (well every had to) to the x-ray belt. In Frankfurt , it was even worst. We have to put off our shoes and put it on the X-ray belt (most the people had to). And I've got body check by the lady in the airport ... gossshhh.

The Lufthansa's pilot from Singapore to Frankfurt did the touch down very smooth ... wuhuuuu. I've never got a flight with such Touch Down quality. Not from Garuda , even not from Lufthansa flight from Jakarta to Singapore :)

We stop in Frankfurt for 4 hours before heading to Dublin. The airport design is very high tech and the finishing definitely follow the concept of ..... My friends that are engineers complaining about the finishing of the airport. They can see some cable hanging behind the transparant ceiling hahahaha ... engineer vs architect ... different standard :P

I bought 2 post cards and send it to Ake from Frankfurt. Yet we still dindt feel being in europe hahahaha ....