Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Touch Down on Dublin

Flight LH 4896 to Dublin depart on 9.40 Frankfurt time. I believe it was 16.30 in Jakarta. We feel tired and dizzy at the same time. Combination of having low quality sleep and stiffed mussle after flying from Jakarta - Frankfurt.

We have to go outside the airport to be on the plane. It is time to face the real wheater of EUROPE. It was cold but acceptable. I was only wearing my cardigan. Simply because i saw many people only wore t-shirt some even wore short pant. I forgot, they live here .... My Javanese skin can not bear such cold especially the wind. Lucky me (this is the proove i am javanese), we were only outside not more than 15 minutes :)

The flight took 1.5 hour to reach Dublin. I can see from the sky , the pattern of clouds are different from what we can see when flying in Indonesia. the sky was so clear and the cloud was so thick underneath us. No wonder the tale about kingdom above the sky came from Europe. I dont think Indonesian have many story about kingdom above the sky. Simply because the cloud is pretty much grouping in different place. The king might fall down if there was kingdom above the sky in Indonesia hahahaa ....

When the flight slowly lower the height, it was felt like we go down from the cloud kingdom. Sky - cloud so white - Sea. I've never seen such experience. Feels like we were watching an opera and the curtain was open and there was the sea.

The plane keep lowering down the height and i was wondering ... where is the land ... where is the land. No body tell me that we would landed on the sea ... hahahaha. Everytime i landed in Jakarta airport, the plane was lowering down on the land that we can se the view of Jakarta city. Landing in Dublin is different.

Slowly we saw the land. The land of brave heart and U2 hahaha. And finally we touch down in Dublin. a 22 hours trip from Jakarta to Dublin finally ended. It was 11.30 in Dublin and it was 17.30 in Jakarta.

It is time to rest ... (we wish)