Saturday, June 21, 2008

DART : The commuter train of Dublin

I am not sure what DART stands for. DART is the name of the commuter train in Dublin that i used during my stay in Dublin. It took me from Grand Cannal Station to Dun Laoghire station in approx.20 minutes. They sell weekly ticket costs EURO 17.40

If i had to Compare the commuter train between Jakarta-Brisbane-Singapore-Dublin , I choose Singapore MRT as the best.

Jakarta Commuter train is away from reliable apart of the fact that we have to be talented in rugby to get a seat on the train. Brisbane is okey, the train schedule always on time, the station is representative, route sign and the ticketing are good,the train itself not on top of the class but it is descent.

The DART station are very simple in compare to Singapore MRT station. Not much different with Brisbane train station, but DART station mostly smaller. I found very limited train route map placed on each station and none in the train. Quite uncomfortable for visitors, especially a person like me who love to read map. Luckly, there was voice and ticker announcement inside the train that helps alot.

A part of that, DART is standard and expectable :)


lapanlapan said...

wuah... heibat momi, selain kereta bandingin juga makanannya dong... ada yang ngalahi thengkleng gak? huehehe =pips=