Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Guiness Storehouse, Dublin

I am not a fan of beer. I didnt know that Guiness, one of the famous beer, is originated from Ireland.

Mbak Anty told me that i should have a visit to the GUINESS Storehouse. And i took her suggestion.

After persuading Hery that The Guiness storehouse is kinda museum and he wont find any drunken master , he was agree to come with us.

It was me, Kesi and Adriane (the phillipine coursemate) that very anxious to go to the Guiness Storehouse.

After class, we took the DART to Tara st, walked to Aston Quay and catched the 78A bus. I wanst sure what was going on. But we missed the bus, because the driver said we must catch the bus line up on the front. In fact, his bus was the one that went off first from the Aston Quay. hrrrrrrrr ... i can not help myself to judge that Dubliners are not ready to welcome Asian tourist.Anyway, we finally made it to the bus stop not far from the Guiness Storehouse and took a nice stroll.

We got there almost 1700hr, suppose to be the latest daily tour. Anyway, tour at Guiness storehouse is a self guided tour. Here, we should have ourself very interested and read the brochure or you wont get the essential of visiting this place. I saw a group of people had tour-guide.

Anyway, we finished our self guided tour at the 7th level of the bulding. There is a place named The Gravity Bar where you can see the panoramic of Dublin City from above. We were eligible of a glass of Guiness beer. Since all of us not a fan of beer, then i asked whether we could have soft drink instead. And yes we could ....

We stayed there untill the bar closed.


Ratna said...

Wah ... enak bgt! Keliatannya kotanya sepi bgt ya ... apa sama sepinya sama Brisbane, ya?
Selamat bersenang2 ;)

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