Thursday, June 12, 2008

Flying for Ireland : a dream come true

Its D-2 days for me to fly out to Ireland.
It feels like dreaming that i finally can visit my cousin, mbak anty, in Dublin.

Ireland is not a popular destination for Indonesian people. for me it is more than that ...
Ireland is beyond my reach ... it is too far and the cost to go there is cost my fortune :P

Anyway, i will fly out there because my office send me to attend a training.
Actually we have this training also held in Kista Swedeen. But i try my best to match the schedule for attending the one in Ireland.
I will be there for 2 weeks. Studying and visiting family ... what a cool combination.
I consider myself as a lucky person.

I was very excited 3 months ago, when trying hard to defend my case to be sent for this training. Now, in the middle of Project Hassle, i feel like dreaming.

and within 2 days the dream will come true ...
i will try my best to write "the story of dream come true" in this blog.
Keep checking pls :)


Sils Frebrian said...

BON VOYAGE....semoga 2 minggu di ireland serasa setahun saking nikmat dan syukurnya. I'm happy for you!

sri said...

walahhh ... iki mbak anti sedulurmu yang dulu itu yaa ..
kalo gak salah dulu kan di Bank Niaga kan ? (opo gedung Niaga yoo)

yang aslinya seko Semarang ?
kalo gak salah dulu emailnya di yahoo / apa nick name di chatt ya .. anti semut .. ( hiks .. rodo-rodo lali .. wis sepuluh tahun yang lalu je)

salam dinggo mbakyumu kuwi yoo ..
yen mulih semarang, suruh mampir omahku (eh .. omah dinas ding heheheh).